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Optimize your practice. Enjoy sustained revenue growth month after month.

With a robust portfolio of remote technologies, our clients experience dramatic improvement across all domains of practice management. Even the most well-managed and well-staffed organizations, under our management, have shown significant improvement in their overall health, productivity, and profitability.

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Xanaxx Consulting Group

Remote Managers

Introducing – Remote Practice Managers – the people that run medical and dental practices for profit. Practices like yours depend on effective business management every day. That’s why we upgraded our systems to help deliver superior business performance improvement offerings to practices like yours at unbeatable prices to drive your business forward.

Don’t Hesitate: Move your practice forward with speeds up to 3X faster than that of your competitors. More than ever before, you can now enjoy the services of experts in practice management (without the headaches and expense of hiring a dedicated full-time manager), while achieving outstanding revenue growth for your business. Use our services to establish structure and transform your staff into a self-managed professional workforce – using Lean and Kaizen techniques.

No Hidden Fees. No Taxes. No Contract. See how productive your business can be in just 3 months!

We are so confident in the success of our program we are going to give you a 30 percent discount for the first month just to get you to have a taste of what we can do for your business. Our work is very intensive and excruciatingly tasking as it requires a lot of systems mapping and integration, staff training, hands-on coaching, workflow review, restructuring, the creation of new systems, process optimization, etc., and on-demand real-time connectivity. Allow us to start today to set things straight in your practice. Look at us as hands-on consultants. We put in motion what others preach about – a veritable distinction between us and other consultants. Wouldn’t you want our services for your practice?

See Details of What We Do

Listen as Chinwe Nwigwe (our young intern) walks you through step-by-step on how we would deploy Remote Practice Managers and use it to drastically improve performance efficiencies in your practice (through process optimization) based on lean methodological approach. It is important to note that this "highly skilled" intern was very sick when she recorded this very informative presentation. Enjoy!

Benefits of Remote Practice Managers

Remember: We work just like “Practice Managers” but with major differences and benefits.

Benefits for Hiring Us:

  • Plain Savings: You pay us 70% much less than you would a full time practice manager.
  • Tax Savings: Your employee tax obligations for the practice manager vaporizes instantly because you have none.
  • Team of Experts Behind You: Once you hire us, you have a whole team of experts working with a singular purpose to generate more profit for your organization through performance improvement efforts.
  • Less Worry: Hiring us means that you now have to worry less about the good management of your practice.
  • You have all the Good and not the Bad: Hiring us also means that you don’t have to deal with any negative attitudes associated with people. You’ll only see our best attitudes at all times – being consistently professional.
  • Management By Numbers and Evidence: We are big in translating every aspect of management into numbers. This approach gives us more insights and allows us to conduct evidence-based management.
  • Superb Collaboration Tools: Collaboration, Collaboration, & Team Collaboration. For us to succeed, communication through collaboration is priority number one. We believe that equal access to information is critical to organizational performance improvement.
  • We’re With You at all Times: We are with you wired at all times – even when relaxing in your bed! We’re just a click away – text, chat, video…asynchronously connected through use of collaboration tools.
  • Use of Productivity Tools to Generate and Manage Tasks: We divide and assign daily responsibilities into tasks and effectively monitor the progress of every staff until completion or before they close for the day.
  • No Vacations Or Sick Leave: With us, you have none of these to worry about with regards to the office/practice manager position.
  • It Works! Our approach makes sense. Let numbers do the talking.

Would I lose control of my practice to Remote Office/Practice Managers?

No. You will not lose any control. We still work for you as an employee would. That means we are subject to your absolute control. Because we’re in constant communication with you at all times, you’re always in the know of what we’re doing. As the owner of the practice you always have the final say.

I am concerned that distance will inhibit collaboration.

Actually, the opposite is the case here. We have several robust technologies that make communication easier and ever closer among the staff. We know that collaboration is key to our success and because of that we’ve taken elaborate measures to build a redundant communication platform.

Tell me, how will you actually effectively manage the staff?

We manage through tasking. Tasking discoveries are performed in our daily, weekly, or monthly meetings. We first start by identifying the key responsibilities of each staff member, determine what the goals are for the month (then divide this goal into daily units), and convert these into numbers for evaluation purposes. Using tasking productivity application, we assign these specific tasks to the employees. Employees check off each task when completed. Tasks are supposed to be completed by the end of the day. Incomplete tasks would have to be followed up with explanation as to why and action plan to complete them. Tasks marked as done are also verified for accuracy. Using this approach allows us to engage the staff productively from appointment to billing, triage, waiting room, all through until the patient leaves the practice.

Our patient surveys helps to validate the overall patient experience with your practice.

Are there any contracts?

No. We want it to be the same experience you have with your regular employees. However, due to the amount of time, technologies and effort we put into this to make it successful, we ask that you give us at least 6 months. We believe that you will continue to use our management services as long as you see good results.

Do you have portal access for your clients?

Yes. In just a few days after your organization comes on board, we will create a customized portal for you. Here, you will have access to performance metrics and other pertinent information about the management of your practice in the likes that you’ve never seen before.

I am concerned about security issues?

Just like your business, we are security conscious:

  • We work on top of your existing (already secured) practice management software: based on permissions.
  • We work on closed and secure environments.
  • We observe all privacy and HIPPA rules and regulations.

Can I terminate your services at any time?

The simple answer is YES.

Can you physically visit our office whenever we want you to?


How often will you have staff training?

Monthly. We can also conduct training whenever the need arises.

What is "Employee Performance Management?"

Employee performance management is the systematic process by which a company strives to improve organizational effectiveness and productivity through tracking, monitoring and optimizing employee behavior and activities. Elements of effective employee performance management system used by our line-of-business managers to automate and control the process operations, include the ability to:

  • Monitor and track employee performance including contributions and incidents.
  • Evaluate performance through employee reviews and appraisals.
    Track employee attendance including paid time off, vacation time, sick days, etc.
  • Schedule and track employee training and development initiatives

How do you track and monitor employee performance?

Remote Managers track and monitor employee performance through employee reviews, task accomplishments, work contributions, incidents reports, attendance (including paid time off, vacation time, sick days etc.), appraisals and evaluations. Employee monitoring is the act of consistently measuring performance and providing ongoing feedback to employees on their progress toward reaching stated goals and objectives. Central to this is the employee review and appraisal process. Typically conducted once or twice a year (if not more), employee performance appraisals consists of a series of inter-linking steps for assessing, summarizing and developing the work performance of an employee, and to develop future performance goals and expectations. Our workforce evaluation and appraisal system is able to track and control your entire work process.

How is your employee tracking different from others?

Just as critical to the employee management process is employee attendance tracking. This includes logging and tracking general employee attendance or absenteeism including paid time off, vacation time, flex time, sick days, personal days, floaters, etc. For the typical practice with a team of employees, accurately tracking and monitoring employee attendance without an automated software system in place can be challenging, if not impossible. While specific solutions exist for this, such as time sheets, time clocks, etc., they typically fail to include other functions such as employee review and evaluation tracking, so critical to the workforce management process as a whole.

The task of ensuring optimal employee performance typically defaults to the practice manager. The problem here is that most managers are already consumed, if not overwhelmed, with their own day-to-day operational responsibilities. Fortunately Remote Managers makes it easier for everyday practice to effectively control, manage and optimize the performance and behavior of their employees.

Cut down on wasted meetings by 65%

Asynchronous communications allow people to communicate more efficiently. Our web-based meetings are better planned and more apt to stay on message. We increase your employee empowerment through our remote management and get your workforce to be more independent and self-directed. Our system substantially increases collaboration. Once our technologies are in place, employees and contractors work together without regard to logistics. This substantially increases overall work performance.

Reduce Business Costs By 35%

Our efforts will help monitor the top five expenses of your organization with a better understanding and ways to manage them. This will tell you where the money goes.  The highest expense is likely to be staffing costs.   Staffing costs are inching upward toward an all time high of nearly 30% for primary care physicians.  This is staggering, and managing these costs is essential to improving the bottom line.

Generate 20% More in Revenue

Productivity reports are included in the month-end management reports produced by the practice management system. It generally reveals the total charges, receipts and adjustments for the practice and should also compare each physician’s individual production. We keep an eye on fluctuations that need to be explained. Sure, one doc’s charges will be down if on vacation or ill, but otherwise we look for a reasonable explanation for an unusual variation in production. If adjustments are climbing, we make sure staff understands legitimate insurance adjustments and fight for your money when insurance plans make errors. Industry expert Healthcare Business Advisors states that 30% of claims in the US are denied and of that 15% are never resubmitted, despite the fact that 70-80% of appealed claims eventually get paid. Remote Managers work proactively to get what you deserve!

Up Productivity and Performance By 25%

Missed appointments cost the practice plenty, so we track them. More than one or two a day is not okay. Four missed appointments a day are projected to be a loss of more than $150,000 a year per physician. You can’t afford to miss out on that kind of revenue.
Access to Care. It is important to keep an eye on how long patients wait to get an appointment. This is simple to track by just looking at when the next available appointment is. Don’t look at the first appointment, which is likely due to a cancellation. Instead, we look at the third available appointment out. If it’s more than 10 days, access is an issue. Poor access compromises service and patient compliance.
Patient Wait time. This KPI is a reflection of your customer service. No one likes to wait and it’s your job to ensure waits are reasonable. External companies are monitoring the wait times on medical practices based on feedback from the patients.
We Aggressively Monitor Your KPI. Key performance indicators provide tools to improving the way medical practices do business, help them serve their patients better and run a more efficient organization, resulting in improved accountability and a better bottom-line.

Before You Get Frustrated And Decide to Sell

More than ever before, you can now enjoy the services of experts in practice management (without the headaches and expense of hiring a dedicated full-time manager) while achieving outstanding revenue growth for your business. Use our services to establish structure and transform your staff to a self-managed professional workforce. Before you allow frustration about how sluggish your business hums along, it is imperative that you give us the opportunity to transform your business around. You owe this to yourself and your staff.

Our skills


Practice Management






Risk Management

Reduce Redundancies and Increase Collaboration

Once our remote management technologies are in place, your employees can work together without regard to logistics. This substantially increases collaboration options, and overall leadership-employee alignment. With our system, your employees become more independent and self-directed.

We Save You Money at the Long Run

Nearly six out of ten employers identify cost savings as a significant benefit to remote management. Alpine Access Remote Agents close 30% more sales than traditional agents the year before. Customer complaints decreased by 90%. And turnover decreased by 88%. Plus, some govt. financial incentives.

Let's Improve Your Productivity Drastically

Businesses lose $600 billion a year in workplace distractions. Enjoy 35-45% productivity increases companies like Best Buy, British Telecom, Dow Chemical , JDEdwards, American Express, Compaq, and many others experience. Let’s our experts remote manage your business today!

Performance Measurement Systems Improvement

Drucker, Six Sigma, and management experts agree that goal setting and performance measurement is key to successful management. For our services to work, employees must be measured by what they do, task assignment, progress and completion rates. We have tools and systems to do it.

Benefits of Using Our Services

Here’re the Things You Get

Evidence-Based Office Management

Our evidence-based management approach entails that managerial decisions and organizational practices are informed by the best available scientific evidence relevant to effective practice management. We typically go through cycles of experimentation and redesign of practices to create an evidence-based culture consistent with your organization’s values and mission.

Business Performance Improvement

Our Business Performance Improvement (BPI) program assists client organizations to realize dramatic earnings improvement using a managed approach to identifying: Revenue growth initiatives, Productivity improvements, Expense reduction opportunities, Service quality enhancements, and Risk mitigation strategies.

Growth in Employee Satisfaction

Good managers know that happy employees are loyal, productive employees. Employee attitudes typically reflect the moral of the company. Happy employees are extremely important because they represent the company to the public. Our time-tested system gives employees more control over their schedules, environment, and/or work habits thereby increasing satisfaction.

Improved Customer/Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is at the core of patient centered medicine. Patient satisfaction affects clinical outcomes, patient retention, and medical malpractice claims. It affects the timely, efficient, and patient-centered delivery of quality health care. Patient satisfaction is thus a proxy but a very effective indicator to measure the success of doctors and hospitals.

Free Targeted Business Marketing*

To build a solid foundation for your business, we must first identify your typical customer and tailor your marketing pitch accordingly. Having a well-defined target market is the first element to a marketing strategy. We outline four basic strategies to satisfy your target markets: undifferentiated, differentiated, concentrated, and micromarketing / nichemarketing.

Implementation of Findings from Practice Survey

As part of the benefits of having us manage your practice remotely, you have the option of allowing us to implement three “findings” from your Practice Survey free of charge. Practice Survey helps to discover areas of need for your organization. And because of our vested interest in the performance improvement of your business, we can do this for you at no extra charge.

See Our Process

Step 4

Project Implementation

At this phase, the team at Remote Managers, working in concert with your employees, will meticulously create and implement specific projects aimed at providing solutions to problems that were discovered earlier. Each problem is approached differently in other to advance unique tools to fix them. Project implementation requires the application of a wide range of systems and skill sets.

Step 3

Action Plan

Action plan provides the team with appropriate foundations for prioritization of tasks that must be performed in other to achieve the intended set goals. Action plan allows us to execute a structured plan for the correction of deficiencies and inefficiencies discovered during the practice evaluation phase.

Step 2

Review of Practice Evaluation Results

Based on your survey evaluation result, the system will automatically direct you to applicable resource on our website. We’ll also manually analyse the practice survey to identify key elements that require further analysis for additional insights and to help us map out a comprehensive action plan for your organization.

Step 1

Practice Evaluation / Analysis Survey

The Practice Evaluation Survey is an in-depth assessment of your practice systems conveniently conducted online through Xanaxx Consulting Group award-winning survey platform. Practice owners today need to think of their practices as businesses. Like other business owners who want to grow, you should start by connecting the dots with a professional business evaluation survey designed to grow your business from trickle to a roar with over $250,000+ worth of insights! Take the Survey Now!


Some facts about us

We are proud of these numbers



Management Tools

Consulting Services

Just a Few of:

Our recent works

Technical team

Behind the scenes

Noble Nwaigwe


Accountable for proof-of-concepts on new and emerging platform solutions and providing technical input, validation and implementation of selected projects.

Mareli Richards

Project Cordinator

Collaboration with technology and business departments to define deliverables and develop solutions that are reusable across the organization.

Ronny Longwell

Project Manager

Performing project management duties including the creation of status reports, work plans and project presentations to clients’ leadership.

Natalie McClain


Development of technical design documents to describe and support justification of the chosen architecture and proposed implementation.

Little Talk. Lot’s of Action!

Re-engineer Your Medical Practice. Start Now!


$99999/ month

  • Remote Office / Practice Management
  • 0 Survey Findings Implementation
  • No Marketing ($0 Value)
  • Full Collaboration: Weekly Team Meetings, Task Assignments & Progress Monitoring, Weekly Reports, & Total Employee Management.
  • 3 Employees
  • Telecommuting Productivity Applications
  • Productivity Tools: Time and Attendance software, Communication and collaboration software, Project management software, Measuring and monitoring productivity software
  • Security Suite

Start with the “Basic” Plan pro-bono (free for 2 months). Choose a plan afterward (if satisfied.) Click “Select Plan” below for details.

Select Plan


$149999/ month

  • Remote Office / Practice Management
  • 1 Survey Findings Implementation (free)
  • Entry Marketing ($499 Value)
  • Full Collaboration: Daily Team Meetings, Task Assignments & Progress Monitoring, Weekly Reports, & Total Employee Management.
  • 5 Employees
  • Telecommuting Productivity Applications
  • Productivity Tools: Time and Attendance software, Communication and collaboration software, Project management software, Measuring and monitoring productivity software
  • Security Suite

Start with the “Basic” Plan pro-bono (free for 2 months). Choose a plan afterward (if satisfied.) Choose the “Basic Plan” for details.

Select Plan


$219999/ month

  • Remote Office / Practice Management
  • 5 Survey Findings Implementation (free)
  • 360 Prof. Marketing ($699 Value)
  • Full Collaboration: Daily Team Meetings, Task Assignments & Progress Monitoring, Weekly Reports, & Total Employee Management.
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Telecommuting Productivity Applications
  • Productivity Tools: Time and Attendance software, Communication and collaboration software, Project management software, Measuring and monitoring productivity software
  • Security Suite

Start with the “Basic” Plan pro-bono (free for 2 months). Choose a plan afterward (if satisfied.) Choose the “Basic Plan” for details.

Select Plan

Optimize your practice. Improve revenue for less than the cost of hiring a full-time employee! Plus tax savings!! Less talk, more doing. See for yourself.

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More than 600 Satisfied Customers

The people at Remote Office/Practice Managers are simply fantastic. I don’t usually do this, but I will easily refer them to some of my friends.

John Erickson, MDCEO

I was really very skeptical when these guys approached me at first. But having tried them out now for over six months, I am amazed at how they’ve turned my practice around just as they promised. Thanks guys.

Hannah BrownOwner

This is easily the best decision I have made in years! Who can argue with performance metrics! It does speak volumes. I’m glad to have hired them. I couldn’t afford to hire a practice manager because of the size of my practice.

Dr. Ubani-EberePractice Owner

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